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About Us

Riyalak is an application to manage your money and rationalize your expenses. The application helps you know all the details of your daily, monthly, and annual expenses, including where, how, and on what you spent every riyal you own. The idea arose from our constant pursuit to achieve the highest levels of financial management for the customer, fully aware of all the details of his expenses from various accounts and bank cards, because it is the best way to reach ideal financial management.


Building a solid financial culture in the Arab community and encouraging it to seek to build a stable financial future and reduce poverty and destitution by improving the level of financial and economic awareness among all members of society.


Goals &

Achieving personal financial goals

Providing our clients with useful and effective reports helps improve their level of control over their expenses, reduce the possibility of falling into financial problems and crises, and achieve their financial goals

Controlling financial spending

By alerting the customer to the amount of money he spent on a specific thing and increasing savings and investment

Your Riyal becomes a pioneer

As the best financial management application with a strong and helpful impact in the Middle East region, and then reaching the world

Raising economic awareness

Raising the level of economic awareness and wise financial management among all members of society

Riyalak Features

How Does Riyalak Work

Be fully aware of where your salary goes

The system combines all bank accounts into one application to facilitate the calculation of expenses and their classification

  • Compared to the allocated budget

  • Prepares financial reports of all monthly and annual expenses, knowing the amount of money spent on a specific thing, such as coffee, tea, restaurants, etc.

  • Allows users to see their account names, balance, and all transaction files that pass through the account with a summary analysis

  • After the system analyzes your transactions, over time it is able to provide advice for better savings

  • The Riyalak application is not satisfied with displaying accounts only but also expands its scope to see all transactions from all cards, whether bank or non-bank, to supervise the spending of all family members

  • Finally, Riyalak keen to maintain the budget and balance your monthly spending

  • Limit your revenue in one application

  • Know your daily and monthly expenses and their details

  • Expense classification for spending awareness

  • Follow up on the expenses of family members

  • Planning expenses in all its details and classification

  • Analysis of transaction information and payment operations

  • In particular, it monitors all transactions

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